Always Asia

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What We Offer

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What We Offer 

Below is a brief description of our services:

Language courses

Our language courses are designed to help you to be fluent and competent in expressing yourself. At the same time “Always Asia” provides you a lens to the rich intricate web of Asian values and culture, often less known by the majority.

It is not just about what you communicate but also on how you communicate. All our language courses are run in line with your specific needs and objectives through a communicative and dynamic methodology.

We offer:
  • Chinese
  • Business Chinese
  • English
  • Business English

Translations and Interpretations

Translation services for written documents are offered in four languages. (English-Chinese-Spanish-Malay) Interpretation service is also provided for business meetings, presentations, lectures and seminars.


“Always Asia” provides information and services to Latin American companies who are interested in penetrating into Asia; or to Asian companies who are interested in doing it in Latin America.


We aim to enhance and enlarge your capabilities through customized training programs. Training programs vary in length and intensity, in accordance with your needs and objectives.

We offer training in 3 areas:
Interpersonal Management
  • Effective interpersonal relations

  • Personality and Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Business Communication -- Presentation, Negotiation, Meetings

Personal Development

  • Self-management

  • Time management

  • Stress Management

  • How to maximize your brain

  • How to manage your emotions

  • Creativity

  • Speed reading

Leadership Development

  • Team Building Synergy

  • Developing Competent Leaders

Other Services

  • Customized language courses for companies
  • Classes in small or big groups, including private tutoring
  • Language courses for children
  • Consultation of guided tours to Asia



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