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Always Asia

About Us

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“Always Asia” is a training and consultation company who is founded by a Singapore organization in Chile. Besides offering language classes and translation services, it also provides trade services and helps companies to explore business opportunities in the emergent markets in both Asia and Latin America.

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New Promotion!

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Promotion in Summer 2010

Speak Chinese in 24 hours
Special Offer: 2X1
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English for kids - extra curriculum program in SUMMER
Make the best of your children's vacation
We offer English programs for kids from 5 to 12 years old
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What We Offer

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What We Offer 

Below is a brief description of our services:

Language courses

Our language courses are designed to help you to be fluent and competent in expressing yourself. At the same time “Always Asia” provides you a lens to the rich intricate web of Asian values and culture, often less known by the majority.

It is not just about what you communicate but also on how you communicate. All our language courses are run in line with your specific needs and objectives through a communicative and dynamic methodology.

We offer:
  • Chinese
  • Business Chinese
  • English
  • Business English
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Speak Mandarin Chinese in 12 hours!

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Taken from

Overview - Think in Chinese

Learning Chinese can be fun and easy. “Always Asia” offers Chinese courses for people who wish to learn Chinese for both professional and social purposes. Classes are customized to meet your specific needs and objectives.
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Business Language Courses

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Business Mandarin

Talk your way through in Business!

Business Chinese is highly practical and aims to empower you in getting your message across in the business world. It consists of 12 modules that cover all the scopes related to the enterprise world, ranging from the business context (small and medium companies), operations, organizational structure, stock market to marketing and international trade.

Special emphasis is also given to train students to use Chinese in common situations or daily routine or activities of a business world (telephone meetings, conversations, correspondence, business trips & etc.) It also includes commonly used and conventional terms in the business world.

The class has also taken into special considerations of the difficulties faced by foreign students in learning Mandarin. Special sections on dialogues are included to drill students on the proper pronunciation.

We combine expertise in education and disciplines in business administration to enable you to overcome communication hurdles in establishing contacts with your Chinese counterparts.

Further Mandarin language reference:

Mandarin Language Course
Communicaid is a market leader in Mandarin language courses

Business English

Accuracy and fluency are the twin objectives of the course. We aim to equip you to speak English fluently and clearly in the corporate world.

The course is ideal for both the business professionals and students, with its highly practical approach and relevancy to the real-life business world. You will be familiarized with up-to-date business vocabulary and terms used in the corporate world. 

You will learn to communicate in various settings of the business world: letter-writing, emails, formal reports, active participation in meetings, telephone protocol and commercial protocols. Topics such as marketing, international commerce and finance are covered as well.

At the end of the course, you will be able to attend an international meeting, conduct a telephone conversation in English, participate in business conferences and give public presentation. You will be empowered to express yourself adequately with the right usage of financial and business vocabulary. 

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